Dr. Mohammad Esmaeelinejad

Comparison of Envelope and Modified Triangular Flaps on Incidence of Dry Socket after Surgical Removal of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars: A Double-blind, Split-mouth Study


Dr. Samira Behrad

Mel-CAM Expression in Common Oral Carcinomas


Dr. Maryam Jalili Sadrabad

بررسي شيوع فاکتورهاي خطر در بيماران ديابتي مبتلا به عوارض دهاني

Comparing the Frequency of Some Oral Lesions in Prediabetic and Healthy Individuals: Is There Any Difference

Oral Limited Pemphigus Vulgaris-A Case Repor

درمان ژنژیویت دسکواماتیو ناشی از لیکن پلان - ارائه مورد

Evaluation of the Relationship between Serum Level of Vitamin D and Decayed, Missing, and Filled Teeth (DMFT) in Young Women in Semnan, Iran (2018–2019)


Dr. Zahra Hasani

Effect of Mechanical Load Cycling on Microleakage of Restorative Glass Ionomers Compared to Flowable Composite Resin in Class V Cavities


Dr.Seyedeh Farnaz Tabatabaei

Effect of hemostatic agent on microshear bond strength of total‑etch and self‑etch adhesive systems


Dr. Nazila Ameli

Effect of two polishing systems on color and surface roughness of feldspathic porcelain following orthodontic bracket debonding and composite resin removal

Maxillary molar distalization using conventional versus skeletal anchorage devices: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Atomic force microscopy analysis of enamel nanotopography after interproximal reduction

Comparative effect of three polishing systems on porcelain surface roughness after orthodontic bracket debonding and composite resin removal: An atomic force microscopy

Mineral Content Identification of White Spot Lesions Around Orthodontic Brackets Following the Use of Different Concentrations of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Mouthwash And Fluoride Gel